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Disaster Dwellings Homes - Emergency Container Cargo Tech
As Seen On HGTV!
MAERK the fathers of shipping containers and global logistics

By the time Sea-Land made its first trans-Atlantic journey in 1966, the shipping container was on its way to becoming a global standard.

In December 1999, Maersk bought Sea-Land’s international services and the right to the "Sea-Land" name, later renaming the company Maersk Line in 2006.

Maersk Line is the world’s largest and most reliable ocean carrier.

Maersk recently announced the revival of the historic Sea-Land name as a regional container shipping company that will facilitate the growth of regional trading in Latin America.

90% of world trade is transported by sea

The building blocks of global trade

According to The Economist, “the container has been more of a driver of globalisation than all trade agreements in the past 50 years together."

Now, nearly than 5,000 container vessels transport over 34 million containers (TEU) around the world, every year. 

Almost anything you want to move, there’s a suitable container for it. From standard dry cargo containers for hardware and consumer goods, to refrigerated “reefer” containers for transporting meat, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and even flowers, to liquid bulk tank containers.

Find out more about Maersk’s available containers on their Website Click here

Maersk Container Industry has made a business of making world trade more efficient, giving customers a powerful combination of innovation, quality, and reliability. Their Star Cool reefer containers are the world's most energy efficient, with a controlled atmosphere (CA) system that can help to keep the produce fresh for longer during transport, thereby increasing the distance it can be exported. In Mexico, for example, exports of avocados to Asian markets have increased thanks to the improved quality and reliability of refrigeration.


The new containers also delivered huge safety and security benefits. Shipments of whisky used to suffer from substantial breakage and theft. Shipping containers slashed these losses by up to 90%

Before containers, 30% of a product’s price used to be accounted for by freight costs. Now, that figure is less than 1%. 

Standardisation and globalization

From the outset, the widespread adoption of shipping containers was greatly accelerated by its standardization. Because the patents and designs for the containers were given to the industry, other trucking companies across America were able copy and adopt the technology quickly and cheaply.

Over the years that followed the shipping container’s introduction, American ships, ports, trucks and trains were adapted to be able to carry the new invention, and McLean launched his Sea-Land Service fleet of container ships.

Elegant Container Home Designs
Elegant Modern Container Home Interiors

Economies of scale

McLean’s dream was to achieve economies of scale by lifting a truck’s entire trailer onto a ship for onward transportation.

 I just knew that if they picked up forty bales at once, it would be a lot cheaper than picking them up one at a time.MALCOLM MCLEAN

His prediction proved to be accurate beyond his wildest dreams. The new “intermodal” system saved an enormous amount of time and effort at the loading and unloading stage of cargo.

All of our container homes and structures feature a litany of premium features you can choose from, including hardwood floors and granite countertops.


Our furnished units also come with a whole suite of furniture informed by the latest design trends. So, even if you don't have a whole set yourself, you can still entertain comfortably, in your own place.

Right out of the box...or rather, inside the box!

  • Hardwood floors 
  • Stained concrete 
  • Granite countertops 
  • Marble countertops 
  • Antiqued cabinetry
  • Premium fixtures 
  • Wainscotting
  • Premium appliances
  • Gun Ports 
  • Safe Room
  • Indoor Gun-Range
  • Indoor Hydroponic Farm 
  • Bullet Proofing
  • Faraday Covering
  • High Ceilings (structural steel)
  • Hidden Rooms
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Structural Engineers
  • Land Surveying
  • Architectural Engineers

Our main objective is to offer a wide range of services from a wide range of providers, that will benefit the commercial, Industrial, and Domestic community.
Using American Technology, Contractors and materials in creating a stronger American economy.

That does not preclude us from using Global Materials to save you money!

It means we put people in your community to work!

Elegant Modern Container Home Interiors

Solid Steel

Elegant Container Home Designs

​Other building designs including encompassing mess halls, commercial kitchens, laundries and ablution blocks can also be encompassed. These can be incorporated into overall camp or institution designs which in turn can incorporate water/waste water treatment systems, solar systems and all aspects required to provide a fully functioning remote or localized establishment.

Elegant Modern Container Home Interiors

Gorgeous Interiors

Basic Info - Stuff you need to know


  • Usually shipping container conversions come in two sizes: 40 foot x 8 Foot or 20 Foot x 8 Foot solid construction with an 8 foot ceiling. There is a "HC" or high capacity model with a 9'6" ceiling height.
  • Ideal for remote or off-grid conditions. (Mining) Easy commissioning within minutes!
  • Large roomy models with internal area fully decked out as a tiny-home easily transportable or optional wheelbase any large four-wheel drive can trailer fully functional bathroom, optional septic or chemical toilet.
  • Fully functional kitchen, electrical appliances.
  • Microwave oven, toaster and fridge. heating and Cooling Gas or electrical hot water system, optional Solar power for lighting with backup batteries.

  • Large integrated water storage tank (optional) large king single bed or bunk bed, double bed and fold down (optional).
  • Fully functional home office with optional  PC, TV, DVD, and stereo system.
  • Fully insulated for climate control.
  • Double Glazed sliding glass doors opening onto large undercover deck.
  • Timber polished floors and waterproof flooring and walls to wet areas.
  • And my favorite...Hurricane / Cyclone resistant - *200MPH plus designs "RAPTOR-BUNKERS"

Features & Services

Disaster Dwellings Homes - Emergency Container Cargo Tech

What We Offer - *200MPH Designs - Elegance - Affordable - Architectural Engineering / Design-Build / General Contractor / Developer / Real Estate Broker

Economic Devlopment

  • Green Steel (it means naked)
  • 160 sq. ft. models
  • 320 sq.ft. models 
  • 640 sq.ft. models
  • 1280 sq.ft. models
  • Two Story models 
  • Three Story models
  • Underground models
  • 100% Off-Grid models
Disaster Dwellings Homes - Emergency Container Cargo Tech

A simple metal box…

The shipping container has changed the world, bringing easy access to goods for everyone. Containers have brought value, choice and growth to the world.


“The container has been more of a driver of globalisation than all trade agreements in the past 50 years," according to The Economist.


The shipping container’s simplicity is its strength. Over the past 60 years this unremarkable metal box has overhauled global industry and transformed world trade, kickstarting the modern age of consumerism.

The first container appeared in America in 1955, the brainchild of trucking company owner Malcolm McLean. For years, he had been wondering how he could get a truck’s entire cargo onto a ship as quickly as possible. When he started working with engineer Keith Tantlinger, the shipping container was born, and in April 1956 the first container was loaded onto a converted World War II oil tanker, the SS Ideal X.


Disaster Dwellings Homes - Emergency Container Cargo Tech

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Disaster Dwellings Homes - Emergency Container Cargo Tech
Disaster Dwellings Homes - Emergency Container Cargo Tech
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