Disaster Dwellings Homes - Emergency Container Cargo Tech
Disaster Dwellings Homes - Emergency Container Cargo Tech
Disaster Dwellings Homes - Emergency Container Cargo Tech
Horizon Palm Realty Group Liz Piedra
As Seen On HGTV!

An Intermodal Steel Building Unit Home Design-Builder


Disaster Dwellings Homes - Emergency Container Cargo Tech
As Seen On HGTV!
Disaster Dwellings Homes - Emergency Container Cargo Tech

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Shipping Container Homes & Structures

Business Eco-System Proposal


In summary; we are needing $2,000,000.00 - $10,000,000.00 USD to take our small minority owned/operated hurricane rated modern shipping container home design-builder to the next level. We have successfully self-funded organically from inception, SEED and Start-Up phases.

  • We have a $5,000,000.00 USD Construction Line of Credit from a Lending Partner.
  • We have a 10-acre MOL parcel in Florida zoned Multi-Use CPDP Office Proffesional and Planned Development. This can be a 1031 Exchange in a PPP.
  • We have a .50 acre LOT we are about to build a 2272 sq. ft. 3/2.5/2 Modern H-Ranch style home located at 12044 Genter Dr. Spring Hill Florida 34609. This can be a 1031 Exchange in a PPP
  • We have +/- $110,000.00 in cash and excellent Credit

  1. These funds will be used to purchase a warehouse facility and land for our operations.
  2. Acquisition of tools, machinery and materials to start building homes/structures immediately
  3. Acquisition of land-LOTs in at least 1-ONE extremely wealthy market within the state –
  4. Design / Build a Modern Luxury shipping-container Hurricane Rated AS SEEN on TV Home
  5. Marketing Campaign on Social Media and Statewide Television (news outlets media)
  6. Acquisition of land/LOT for affordable 1280 sq. ft. local home
  7. Design / Build a Modern shipping-container Hurricane Rated AS SEEN on TV affordable Home
    • ​Marketing Campaign on Social Media and Statewide Television (news outlets media)

“affordable” will be defined as in example: $100 per sq. ft.
HUD/VA/Section-8 “affordable” can be between $67.50 (at this time) - $100 per square foot –

We have done 2+ years of specific research and development of real estate markets, home loans, home-types, wind and impact ratings, modular vs. prefabricated vs. traditional build, etc. We have communicated with and learned from approximately a dozen global and north American “container homes” builders, architects, manufacturers. We have seen and touched some of their products and methodologies. We need to see what is being offered out there, as well as how it is being offered. Then logically, the cost of that offering and the margin within the specific company’s area of operation.

We learned a lot!

And we are still learning, tweaking, perfecting LEAN RAPTOR style...

We incorporated our Real Estate professional experience ( www.horizonpalm.com ) selling over 200 homes annually in our market, into our plan. We further incorporated our Military Grade Telecommunication design-build prowess into the equation or R.A.P.T.O.R.

R.A.P.T.O.R. = Rapid Access Procurement & Tactical Operational Response

We feel we can be successful with any of the traditional methods of building homes and structures. We know that manufactured housing and modular building is and has been a successful route for a business of this type. We know that an Eco-System of Public and Private entities and individuals all working towards the same goal for very different reasons…will exemplify the and validate the 3P or PPP – private public partnerships that can and will help a community, a county/parish, a state and a people…to thrive!

The LEED Facility

The ideal facility will be a 50,000-100,000-sq. ft. Warehouse building – w/ Light Industrial / Manufacturing zoning

  • Cutting/welding/fabrication/media/paint – Industrial Machinery Toolsets
  • Forklift(s) small - large
  • Offices
  • IT Infrastructure
  • RFID & HD Video
  • Software – Architectural Design and other ancillary manufacturing applications
  • Overhead Crane
  • Outdoor workspace covered & uncovered
  • Outdoor storage space for containers and materials

The Staff (local)

  • CEO (*this is a placeholder)
  • Manager
  • Admin
  • Welders
  • Sheet metal technicians
  • Drywall & Finish
  • Media and Painters
  • IT
  • Installation Team #1

The Staff (moved)

  • Owner / Operator / CTO & Strategy Officer
  • GC / Partner / COO (licensed Florida GC and Home Inspector)
  • Real Estate Advisor / Site Acquisition SME
  • IT Director (we leverage lots of software, artificial business intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality)

Projected Cost (First Stage)
$4,000,000.00 minimum

The Eco-System and Economic Development Vehicle

Coalition Forces Contractor Unit

  • Local Commercial General Contractors
  • Local Residential General Contractors
  • Local Electrical Licensed SUB-Contractors
  • Local Plumbing Licensed SUB-Contractors
  • Local Mechanical HVAC Licensed SUB-Contractors
  • Local Landscaping Contractors
  • Local Civil Engineers
  • Local Structural Engineers (sign/seal)

Coalition Forces Real Estate Unit

Local “best of the best” REALTOR partners that facilitate “Site-Acquisition”

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Multi-Family
  • Industrial
  • Private Partner(s) for Real Estate Development
  • Local/State-wide Appraisers – *as many as humanly possible (educate and create Allies / “Proponents of”)

Coalition Forces Educational Unit

Local High School and College direct involvement in an INTERN and APPRENTICE program

  • Vocational Tech
  • Architecture Majors
  • Structural Engineering Majors
  • Drafting Majors
  • Marketing Majors
  • Advertising and Social Media Majors
  • Information Technology Majors
  • Videography and Photography Majors
  • Art Majors

Business and Economic Development Sponsor Unit

  • Local EDC
  • County EDC
  • State EDC
  • Private EDC
  • Banker(s) – mortgage lenders on our product/land
  • Private Lender(s)
  • Private Partner(s) for Real Estate Development
  • SBA
  • USDA
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Chamber of Commerce(s)
  • Workforce MDES
  • Local City/County Code Enforcement



As Seen On HGTV!
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