Disaster Dwellings Homes - Emergency Container Cargo Tech
Horizon Palm Realty Group Liz Piedra

We are actively seeking an investor partner in Covenant Development - This is our Main-Focus! 

Listed below are some of our opportunities in Florida and Nevada-

Shipping Container Homes and Structures -Florida and Tech Investments

  • Specifically to establish a humble manufacturing facility to "begin" work on our first orders of "fixed" shipping container structures, as well as our "differentiator" from ALL other North American based container design-builder. 
  • We seek an immediate $5M USD (or more to scale) USD infusion to get things rolling - 1st stage (*Florida)
  • We have a $5M USD Construction Line of Credit we can leverage.(*Florida)
  • This includes the Engineering IP and basic toolsets, operating capital, marketing, etc.(*Florida)
  • We leverage Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies to better create, design and ultimately manufacture the Homes and Structures of the future! (*EVERYWHERE)
  • *Seeking $3M Technology Investment in OpenXD, Covenant's technology spinoff. This will provide the back-end to any construction development and revolutionize the Customer Experience or Investor Experience on large institutional projects, as well as the small single home projects. Elegant and Brilliant - R.A.P.T.O.R. LEAN (*EVERYWHERE)
  • We seek an investor to develop 12ea. Luxury Pool Homes or 23ea. Luxury Affordable homes - Mixed Use - 1ea. 4000+ sq. ft. Luxury Modern 2-story office building, 1ea. 10,000 sq. ft. Showroom Facility, 24ea. Office Condominiums in Spring Hill, Florida (*Florida)​​

 - Hyper Focus 

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*High and Tight: Reno's real estate housing crisis explained

Some notes or food for thought...

My wife Liz Piedra also known as, Horizon Palm Realty Group is our “sales” outlet in Florida for our Homes & Structures – so we have the Real Estate part covered

We own a ½ acre residential LOT and a MOL 10-acre Multi-Use CPDP Parcel here in Hernando in great locations (maybe $1M value)
We have approximately $100k left in cash
We have $0 Debt-
We have a Construction Line of Credit that we “can” execute-

My GC-Partner is a licensed Florida general contractor and licensed building inspector. He has and is working on “steel and concrete” structures for telecommunications and large multi-story steel and concrete buildings in Central Florida for a private client as well. – so we have the construction part covered

We have designed architecturally, structurally and civil to meet and/or exceed state and local codes – so that said; we are providing the folks that have to approve the structures, as much information and certification that “it is what we say it is”.  – so zoning and permitting on OUR end is covered. That leaves the County’s end to be open to new and different as long as it makes sense to all parties involved *Please

We have “seeded” ourselves or self-funded for two years in the making. The company was registered just in 2017 and we are ready for 1st round capital investment or equity partner.

That all being said, we do NOT want to be that start-up that fails and closes down!

Statistics are real because Small Business get crushed or implode, from no FUNDING or PARTNER to help each other out.

It is all 100% about TIME to MARKET - We cut that by 3/4+ TIME from Permit!

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  • We have well over $100M+ USD in prospective Multi-Family Apts., Residential / Commercial Condominiums and Light Industrial development projects that we can take advantage of.

  • - This is the wave in a boom, tomorrow is too darn late!

High and tight: Reno's real estate housing crisis explained

The rising cost of housing in the last few years is making home ownership a tough proposition for Reno home buyers. We look at what’s fueling the Biggest Little City’s housing crisis and potential options for people looking for a new place to call home Jason Hidalgo/Reno Gazette Journal

  • We seek an immediate *$3M+ infusion for an equity stake in our Company or an old fashioned SIMPLE and highly transparent real estate development deal. 

    • ​Acquisition of 200+ acres zoned residential - the acquisition of a 15,000-30,000 sq. ft. Industrial warehouse (*purchase/build)

    • Build 1280 sq. ft and 2272 sq. ft. immediate spec homes - site development

    • We are a Design Engineering GC/Developer and Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker - right now

    • RENO, NV has a huge deficit of middle-class affordable housing. The Tesla Giga-Factory has consumed all local and nearby resources.

    • There is NO lack for Luxury Living...however we have already secured over a dozen (7/22/2017) inquires about Leases and Purchases of our Container-Condos "Coming-Soon" test run ad.

*This is a "Must See" Video that validates our investment to "move" our headquarters and start manufacturing/fabrication facility in a whole new place! I am doubling down and I am all in!

  • Updated 8.29.2017 12:46PM EST: *$110M USD Total Project Cost 

  • $27.5M USD Total Funding Needed Phase-1 of a 4-Phase Development Mixed-Use

  • $13.75M USD Funding Needed for partial/minimal Phase-1

    • ​The immediate establishment of Marketing, Pre-Site Development, MODELS, SALES & LEASING 

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Why Develop in Reno?

  • Reno, Nevada is poised for unprecedented growth with the announcement of Tesla’s Gigafactory.  Since 2014, several major companies including Switch, Zulily and Apple have announced significant plans for relocation or expansion in Reno creating what is now known as the “Tesla Effect.” With the projected population growth of 65,000, there is an immediate demand for homes in Reno!
  • Additionally, Nevada was ranked No. 3 Most Business Friendly Tax Climate by the Tax Foundation for 2015. The state’s extraordinary tax incentives and exemptions combined with the projected need for over 45,000 new homes to be built over the next 5 years makes Nevada the ideal place for future development and that number is growing.
  • In September 2014, Tesla Motors, Inc. announced Reno, NV as its location to build a new $5 billion, 10m sq. ft. battery gigafactory. Tesla is expected to generate over $100 billion of economic growth in Nevada over the next 20 years.
  • Switch announced on January 15, 2015 that it will build a 3.5m sq. ft. data storage center, and according to Storey County, Switch is now in discussions on an additional 8m sq. ft.
  • Tesla has since pulled permits to build 24m sq. ft. and purchased an additional 2,000 acres on July 20, 2015. The factory is currently under construction in the Tahoe Reno Industrial Complex (TRIC).
  • TRIC will have a substantial impact on the Reno/Sparks MSA. Companies from Silicon Valley and across the U.S. are following Tesla and Supernap’s lead
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As Seen On HGTV!
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Disaster Dwellings Homes - Emergency Container Cargo Tech
As Seen On HGTV!
Disaster Dwellings Homes - Emergency Container Cargo Tech

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America is starting to catch onto the shipping container idea that has been leveraged all over the world for years.

As Seen On HGTV!
As Seen On HGTV!
As Seen On HGTV!
Disaster Dwellings Homes - Emergency Container Cargo Tech
Disaster Dwellings Homes - Emergency Container Cargo Tech
As Seen On HGTV!
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