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​Art Deco, also called style moderne , movement in the decorative arts and architecture that originated in the 1920s and developed into a major style in western Europe and the United States during the 1930s. Its name was derived from the Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes, held in Paris in 1925, where the style was first exhibited. Art Deco design represented modernism turned into fashion. Its products included both individually crafted luxury items and mass-produced wares, but, in either case, the intention was to create a sleek and anti-traditional elegance that symbolized wealth and sophistication.​

The practice conceived by Covenant Development in collaboration with Horizon Palm Realty Group,  is a diverse and full-service design collaborative that examines and explores practical ways to integrate client needs, project cost limitations, physical construction, energy conservation opportunities and innovation with local climate and living systems in a timely and responsive way.  It embraces the philosophy that all things are inter-connected and merely exist at different levels of perception and reality, some large and some small, some visible and some hard to see.  Embracing a whole systems thinking approach to problem solving, it explores patterns at all scales from macro to micro to explore and develop ways to integrate natural and man-made materials and systems.  The design process is a problem-solving approach that considers design, engineering and space-making as an organic process of investigation, discovery and collaboration.  This results in a practical and functional, yet aesthetically balanced and responsive, organic architecture.
[Picture]Leveraging a building kit or "LEGOS" approach that utilizes plug-in or modular components, the H-SERIES  incorporates a hybrid design approach. Like the Prius hybrid automobile design, it combines different building technologies and energy systems to maximize energy, spatial and cost efficiencies that result in practical solutions while achieving substantial architectural variety and flexibility.   The H-SERIES explores the use of conventional building systems and materials combined with innovative solutions that investigates new ways of combining ISBU steel shipping containers to solve new problems.  "Green Steel" which is used as the basic building blocks of our residential and commercial structure designs, is a good example of the innovative use of low-cost and readily available materials and systems to efficiently construct sustainable, energy efficient, hurricane & tornado resistant modern building.

Modernism refers to a reforming movement in art, architecture, music, literature and the applied arts   during the late 19th Century and early 20th Century. There is no specifically Modernist movement in     Philosophy, but rather Modernism refers to a movement within the arts which had some influence  over later philosophical thought. The later reaction against Modernism gave rise to the Post-  Modernist movement both in the arts and in philosophy.

​Modernism was essentially conceived of as a rebellion against 19th Century academic and historic traditions and against Victorian nationalism and cultural absolutism, on the grounds that the "traditional" forms of art, architecture, literature, religious faith, social organization and daily life (in a modern industrialized world) were becoming outdated. The movement was initially called "avant-garde", descriptive of its attempt to overthrow some aspect of tradition or the status quo. The term "modernism" itself is derived from the Latin "modo", meaning "just now".

It called for the re-examination of every aspect of existence, from commerce to philosophy, with the goal of finding that which was "holding back" progress, and replacing it with new, progressive and better ways of reaching the same end. Modernists believed that by rejecting tradition they could discover radically new ways of making art, and at the same time to force the audience to take the trouble to question their own preconceptions. It stressed freedom of expression, experimentation, radicalism and primitivism, and its disregard for conventional expectations often meant startling and alienating audiences with bizarre and unpredictable effects (e.g. surrealism in art, atonality in music, stream-of-consciousness literature).

Some Modernists saw themselves as part of a revolutionary culture that also included political revolution, while others rejected conventional politics as well as artistic conventions, believing that a revolution of political consciousness had greater importance than a change in actual political structures.

​Modern and Contemporary in interior design are not one in the same, as many people might think. Modern design refers to a period of time, it is a design style that was created in the 1920′s – 1950′s. It doesn't change, it is a defined style, and will remain such for ever. Contemporary design is ever changing. We are a Revolution! 

​We are the REVOLUTION!



This is a total win win for all parties. It is amazing how art & construction can be so strong, cool and eco-friendly.

 That's one way to beat the property boom:  Art-deco homes made of SHIPPING CONTAINERS ready in a couple of weeks... ranging in price from $2000 to $1.4 MILLION!

Recycled shipping containers can be bought for just $2000

Businesses are using more than 50 containers a month for construction
Turnover for Container Build Group has topped $2.5 million in just 3 months

At the low end of the market they can be transformed into a home for as little as $20,000.

There's high demand for luxurious fit-outs pushing prices beyond $1 million and can be ready inside six weeks.

Some owners combine several containers and make them into 'farm stay' properties 
One home in Queensland which was built from 31 shipping containers sold for more than $1.4 million. 

Modern 2 Story Florida Container Office Building

Shipping Container Homes For Sale

Most Frequently Asked Question - 

How does the cost of container construction compare to traditional home construction?
As with any kind of construction, there are a wide range of variables that impact the overall cost. Many of those are driven by the owners’ preferences on mechanical systems, structural components, and interior finishes (much like options on a new car). These choices can affect the overall construction budget for a home to the point of doubling it. Our projects range from $100/sq.ft. to $150/sq.ft with the upper and lower limits being the exceptions.

We have found that the final budget also depends heavily on whether you choose a hybrid or container-only design and is significantly impacted by smaller space design.  Using nationally published averages for construction budgets, we have determined that across all the different designs, ISBU container modules replace between 25% and 50% of the overall construction budget.  The higher percentages are achieved only in any all container Designs.  In every case, more than half of the overall construction budget is determined by the owners' choices for the items mentioned above and interior upgrades.

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Disaster Dwellings Homes - Emergency Container Cargo Tech
Disaster Dwellings Homes - Emergency Container Cargo Tech
Disaster Dwellings Homes - Emergency Container Cargo Tech
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Disaster Dwellings Homes - Emergency Container Cargo Tech
As Seen On HGTV!
Condos and Townhomes Modern Container Luxury Villas
Tampa, Florida Market
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